Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hi Friends

Hi there!!
Firstly, if you are reading this, I would like to thank you for coming by and checking out my blog. 
I have tried a couple of times to get a real blog up and running, but I just kept losing focus. I had started writing and posting without a clear idea of what I truly wanted to say. What was it that I wanted to share with all of you? 

So here I am, and I thought that I would introduce myself. 
My name Is Bek'e and I am 32 years old.
Things in my life has change very much in the last few years since I first wanted to start a blog page. I am engaged to Kyle, a wonderful and talented man, who I am so grateful to have met and have in my life. My son Henry, who turned 5 in December and has just started school on the 28th of January, which has been a real change in life for all of us. And I am just generally happy. Yes, I do have those ups and downs, but over all, I am so please and thankful for the life that I have. 

There are a few reasons why I decided to come back and try to make blogging a part of my every day. There are new things that are happening in my life now, that I thought may be of interest to you and by sharing, I hope you find some inspiration, ideas, hints and tips and some friendly entertainment along the way. 

One of the topics you will find here is being a bride-to-be ON A BUDGET! Kyle and I are looking at getting married in April 2015 and we have decided that we will be having a small and intimate wedding of just close family and friends. Not only do we both feel that this kind of wedding suits both our personalities, there is also a budget that we need to look at. During that time leading up to the wedding, we will be planning a wedding with a strict budget in mind and instead of feeling restricted and seeing this as a negative thing, it has challenged me so far to think of as many ideas as I can, to create the wedding of my dreams while working with a limited amount of cash. This opens the ideas of also creating a YouTube channel as well, and I hope that these videos can be help other couples to see the joy in creating intimate weddings, while keeping coast down too. 

Another area of interest that I will be sharing with you is my journey in being a future wife. This will cover many different things, concluding, wanted in improve my quality of health and fitness, the things that I would like to improve on, like the running of our house and the upkeep, how I parent my son and everything in between. I would like to share my thoughts during the day. the things that we all get up to, the things that I love, as well as my interest in fashion and beauty.

And I think the other area that I will be documenting, is ORGANISATION!!. 
Our town house that we rent, lacks storage BIG TIME. It is hard to do the things you would like to do when you are renting the place you live in, There are things that you cant change in the home, so I would love to share the search to a more organised home, for those who are renting as well as being on a budget. Once again budget is a word that you will always see on here. Unless we are lucky enough to win the lotto, we will be working with in our means and only be able to do the things we want, when the money is available.

But anyway, these are just some of the things that you will see here on this blog, as well as posted up on YouTube in my weekly update vlogs (these will be filmed from Monday to Monday and will be posted up on a Wednesday for my "Weekly Wednesday catch up") and separate videos about a particular topic. I also have a very strong interests in arts and crafts so these will always be a part of these posts. 

so there we are, my welcome to you and a little insight to what I hope to have up on here for me to share with you. I hope that you will stick around and what for my future videos and posts. 
Take care all of you and I will see you soon!
B xx